Mochi Recipe 😋
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Mochi Recipe 😋

by Duane Tassinari on Nov 22, 2023

The main ingredients of mochi are glutinous rice flour and starch, originating from China. In Japan, it is called “mochi” (もち), while in Taiwan it is transliterated as “maji” (麻吉). Its unique texture is characterized by a sweet and chewy consistency that’s delightfully bouncy. Whether paired with beverages or enjoyed as a dessert snack, it brings a distinctive touch to any culinary creation.


🍡 Originally, mochi was primarily enjoyed as a snack. However, in recent years, several tea brands have incorporated mochi into their beverages. Indeed, its chewy and bouncy texture, smoother and more liquid than rice cakes and sticky rice balls, adds a whole new dimension of flavor when paired with drinks.

✅ Three Easy Steps to Refreshing Deliciousness

“Fresh Milk Shredded Mochi”

🍵 Coconut Green Milk Tea ➡️ Suggested Price: £5.5

🥥 Coconut and mochi, what a superstar combination, isn’t it?

🍃 We use highly fragrant jasmine tea as the base, paired with a roasted milk-flavored milk tea companion (C92 or fresh cow’s milk). We then add the richness of coconut milk powder and the intense flavor of roasted milk drink.

🍃 This beverage combines the fragrant aroma of tea, the richness of coconut, and the unique flavor of roasted milk in the milk tea base.

🐝 Adding red bean paste enhances the overall richness and sweetness of the drink, perfect for your autumn and winter cravings.

🍡 Simply add the mochi as a topping for its delightful chewy texture, complementing the red bean paste and creating a distinctive and delicious taste.

📜 Ingredients/Recipe for 500ml


Prepare 50g of red bean paste as a spread, and add 50g of mochi to the bottom of the cup.


Mix 125ml of fragrant jasmine tea (Hakata House No. 3), 25g of milk tea companion (C92 or fresh cow’s milk), 20g of coconut milk powder, 30g of roasted milk-flavored drink, 50 ml of pure water, and 200 ml of hot water. Stir well and pour into the serving cup.

🍡 Chewy Mochi Snack 🍡➡️ Suggested Price: £6.5

🍼 With prepared mochi and a variety of dipping sauces, you can easily create visually appealing and delicious mochi snacks. Mix and match effortlessly and add them to the deluxe mochi set!

🍧 Fresh Milk Mochi Dessert 🍧 ➡️Suggested Price: £6.5

🍼 Place prepared fresh milk mochi in a bowl, pour in the prepared brown sugar syrup, and add canned red beans. A bowl of classic “Fresh Milk Mochi Dessert,” with the gentle warmth of brown sugar, the fragrance of milk, and the soft and sweet mochi, topped with red bean accents. Simply delightful!

📜 Ingredients/Recipe for Fresh Milk Mochi Dessert

In the serving bowl, add 150g of mochi, 60g of brown sugar syrup, and 20g of canned red beans.

🤝 Hakata International provides ingredients such as mochi powder, milk tea companion (C92), jasmine green tea, roasted milk-flavored drink, coconut milk powder, canned red beans, and more. Feel free to consult Boduo UK if you need 🙂

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