Exquisite Elixirs Await Your Arrival

We at Next Gen Boba are delighted to facilitate the seamless collection of your curated beverage selections. To ensure the immediate availability of your desired elixirs, a preliminary telephonic inquiry to our esteemed London office is highly recommended. While our London location boasts a comprehensive inventory of our most sought-after concoctions, the majority of our stock resides within our capacious warehouse.

Expeditious Retrieval & Cost-Effective Convenience

By selecting the in-person collection option at checkout on our esteemed website, you not only expedite retrieval of your order but also eliminate superfluous shipping costs for orders under the distinguished threshold of five hundred British Pounds. We strive to maintain a consistently replenished stock of our most popular offerings within our London sanctuary. However, a brief pre-order telephone consultation remains the optimal course of action to guarantee immediate availability upon your arrival.

Prompt Communication & Secure Retrieval

Upon successful order fulfillment, you will receive an initial electronic correspondence confirming the readiness of your bespoke beverage selection for collection at your earliest convenience. A subsequent electronic notification will be dispatched upon successful retrieval of your order, ensuring complete transparency throughout the process.

A Gentle Reminder Regarding Parking

To safeguard against any unforeseen inconveniences, we kindly request all esteemed clientele to utilize the designated parking facilities adjacent to our building. Parking across the street is strictly prohibited, as it constitutes a private domain overseen by PPS (Precise Parking Solutions). Violations may incur a substantial penalty of one hundred British Pounds.


Embark on Your Boba Odyssey Today!

We at Next Gen Boba eagerly anticipate welcoming you to our esteemed London location. Should you have any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our affable team. Let us embark on your boba odyssey together!