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Max Height: 1.59 meters

Max Weight: 700kg

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    BOBA-MAN V1 is a Pallet Packing Calculator that's a web-based application developed by Duane Tassinari (Reppz) to assist in the efficient organization and planning of loading bubble tea products onto a pallet. This tool is designed to optimize the packing process by calculating and updating the pallet's total weight, height, length, and width in real time as products are added. It features a user-friendly interface for the selection and quantity specification of bubble tea products, offering immediate feedback on the pallet's current configuration.


    Product Selection and Management:

    • The application presents a dropdown menu populated with various bubble tea products (e.g., Popping Boba, Tapioca Pearl, Non-Dairy Creamer), each with predefined dimensions and weight.
    • Users can select a product from the dropdown menu and specify the quantity to be added to the pallet.
    • Upon adding a product, the calculator updates the pallet's current state, including total weight, height, length, and width, ensuring the maximum capacity of the pallet is not exceeded.

    Dynamic Quantity Updates in the work:

    • If a user adds the same product more than once, the application aggregates the quantities into a single line item, preventing duplicate entries and accurately reflecting the total number of each product on the pallet.
    • This dynamic updating extends to the pallet's calculated dimensions and weight, ensuring an accurate representation of its current load.

    Pallet Constraints Checking:

    • The tool checks against predefined pallet constraints, such as maximum weight and height, alerting the user if an addition exceeds these limits.
    • This ensures that the proposed pallet configuration adheres to safety and transportation standards.

    Interactive Pallet Information Display:

    • The application displays real-time updates of the pallet's total items added, current height, length, width, and weight.
    • These updates provide immediate feedback to the user, facilitating adjustments and optimization of the pallet's load.

    Item Removal Capability:

    • Each added item includes a "Remove" button, allowing users to easily remove products from the pallet.
    • Removal of items immediately updates the pallet's total dimensions and weight, enabling iterative adjustments to the packing configuration.

    Technical Implementation

    • The application is implemented using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, ensuring compatibility across modern web browsers without the need for additional plugins or software.
    • JavaScript is utilized to dynamically populate the product selection dropdown, handle user interactions (e.g., product addition and removal), and calculate and update the pallet's dimensions and weight in real-time.
    • The tool employs a responsive design, ensuring usability across various devices, including desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.


    The Pallet Packing Calculator offers a practical and efficient solution for organizing the loading of bubble tea products onto a pallet. Its interactive and real-time updating interface aids in optimizing the packing process, ensuring compliance with pallet constraints, and ultimately facilitating the efficient preparation of products for transport or storage. This tool represents an integration of user-centered design and practical functionality, catering to the logistical needs of businesses involved in the distribution and supply of bubble tea products.